About Mending Ardor Hand Crafted Perfumes

Mending Ardor began its’ life when Sasha was 40. She felt that it was the right time to create and share her love of Alchemy of essence with the world. Her path of life was illuminated and Sasha took to her calling and passion by creating Mending Ardor. Her line is dedicated to heartache, sorrow, and desperation to conquer and overcome judgement. She does this by using orthonasal olfaction, which she describes as, “a memory of walking in a damp forest, smelling of earth and the blooms that promotes familiars, falling in & out of love, with the natural aphrodisiac of animal musk & iron in suiting up for battle.” With the support of her community, Sasha has actualized her vision of Mending Ardor. With each passing day, she is thankful to have the opportunity to share her passion and connect with people via alchemy.

If you want to find out more about Sasha and Mending Ardor, contact [email protected] today.